I've been in the legal profession since 1989 with specialization in estate administration since 1996.  My experience includes working for the Henrico County, Virginia Commissioner of Accounts for over  a decade, and the City of Richmond Commissioner of Accounts for the past 6 years.   Additionally,  I worked with SunTrust Bank in its Estate Administration division.  I have experience both with administering estates and auditing estate filings.   My experience and knowledge will guide you from probate through finalization of the estate administration process.

I received my Bachelors of Liberal Arts degree, summa cum laude, specializing in English in 2010 from University of Richmond.  In 2015, I graduated from Longwood University earning a Master of Arts in English with a focus on teaching English in the  community college setting.  I am currently an adjunct English instructor at two local community colleges.

One of my strengths, both in estate administration and teaching, is taking the unfamiliar and breaking it down into manageable steps resulting in a successful finished product and increased comfort level.  

Regardless where you are in the process, I look forward to working with you to answer any questions or assist with filing requirements throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

      Meredith Roberts